District 7’s Teacher of the Year | Jennifer Campbell

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Jennifer Campbell — reading teacher, Lake Gibson High, District 7 Teacher of the Year

At Lake Gibson High, Campbell plays an essential role by helping students earn the reading requirements they need to graduate.

“One of the first conversations that we have is that they are not defined by the score they receive on any test … but by the effort they give and the positive attitude they portray,” she says.

As students tackle the objectives they need to graduate, Campbell hopes they’ll also develop positive feelings about reading.

“Additionally, my aspiration is that they will handle any challenge in life the same way: create a goal and take necessary steps until achieving success,” she said.

Campbell serves as a teacher mentor and heads the reading department at LGHS. She also pioneered an initiative that allows colleagues to visit and observe each others’ classrooms as a way to pick up new ideas to benefit students.

Campbell tries to stay involved with students outside of the classroom as well, serving as a senior class sponsor to help with awards, graduation and other activities.